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‘Time to jettison some old leadership practices’ - Setting up emerging leaders for success. Nick Dunn - ‘Influence Me’ Leadership Podcast 25

August 29, 2021

My guest for this Podcast Nick Dunn is a corporate professional with over twenty years in management and leadership positions with his current role with global insurance firm Aon as their Operations, Projects and Facilities Manager for Queensland and Northern Territory. Nick also travels nationally, project managing, design and construction of new office sites for Aon; as well as being the lead for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.  

Nick has been volunteering with the SES for nearly ten years and is currently a Deputy Local Controller with the Brisbane Unit, occasionally back filling the Local Controller position when required. Nick has a passion for developing leaders and has created a leadership coaching program for new and emerging leaders within the SES which is available to all volunteers to help with their own leadership development. Nick is well known as an innovator and intuitive problem solver, with a strong empathetic leadership ethos and culture that includes nurturing, confidence, empowerment, openness and inclusion within the people that he leads and works alongside.

An avid triathlete, challenging his own abilities, both physically and mentally is one catalyst for Nick wanting to help others grow and be the best (SES member) they can be. Nick's favourite quote mirrors his attitude toward developing people being, "If you're not making someone else's life better, you're wasting your time”. In this Podcast we discuss the critical aspect of supporting our emerging leaders, so they can avoid making the mistakes many leaders unfortunately make during their leadership journey.

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