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The Trouble with Trauma, and the role Leaders must play. Kerry Howard - ‘Influence Me’ Leadership Podcast 24

August 2, 2021

Kerry Howard is a best-selling author and psychologist specialising in trauma prevention and treatment. Kerry has won two international awards for her commitment to treating PTSD and improving mental health in Australia. Since 2010, Kerry has presented at a variety of international conferences including the USA, Europe and Australia. She developed professional development training in the promotion, prevention and early intervention of traumatic injury. Kerry is a former executive level leader who developed policy and programs in a variety of health focussed areas.

Kerry’s new book, ‘The Trouble with Trauma’ provides clear guidance for individuals and organisations about how to resolve traumatic experience. See https://thetroublewithtrauma.com

In this Podcast we discuss the challenge and impact of trauma, and the role leaders can play in improving trauma impact outcomes.

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