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“The journey so far, and what I’ve come to know”. Doug Beitz - ‘Influence Me’ - Leadership Podcast - Season 2 - Episode 1

January 1, 2022

What an opportunity to speak with Doug Beitz, a long-term colleague and friend. Doug was previously an emergency services officer, a successful business operator, with him now moving into the role of life coach. This podcast tells his life story to date, including the many lessons he has gleaned, all with lots of meaning. Doug is incredibly curious when it comes to life, and he is someone who I have learnt from personally. During our conversation, we cover three distinct phases of his life, and knowing Doug as I do - there’s more to come. His desire to support others is expressed through his own Podcast series ‘Conversations with Doug’, and I recommend that listeners may gain benefit in tuning it to episodes that may hold personal meaning.

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