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On Becoming a Senior Leader - Jason Sertori ‘Influence Me’ Leadership Podcast 18

December 4, 2020

Jason Sertori is a former QFES officer who courageously took an opportunity with the United Nations in 2016. Currently based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jason Sertori is the Chief officer of the United Nations largest fire service, and has held this position since leaving QFES in 2016. In 2019, Jason was temporarily appointed as the Senior Coordinator for the Tactical Operations Centre for the Ebola Emergency Response, a position he held for several months, before returning to his normal role once that mission was achieved. In this podcast we discuss the many important points relating to moving from a frontline leadership role to a senior level leadership position. There are lots of pitfalls, however with the right counsel and some decent personal reflection, people can successfully make this jump. Enjoy the podcast!

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