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‘Leading in the Grey’ - Brian Cox ‘Influence Me’ Leadership Podcast 22

April 7, 2021

'Whether we realise it or not, in the battle arena we call life most of our time is spent in one grey area or the another' - Adelle Bradford (Author). Brian Cox is currently a senior officer within the Queensland State Emergency Service. He has an extensive 40-year military career as a regular, and still maintains his ADF connection as a current Colonel in the Army Reserve.  His military highlights include joining as a trooper in 1980 driving Leopard Tanks, working with the British Army on the Rhine in 1986 conducting operations on the Berlin Wall, attachment to the British Forces during the first Gulf War 1991 to 1992, Commandant and Head of Corps of the Military Police in 2000, Australian National Commander in East Timor in 2005, and operations as a senior defence investigator in Afghanistan in 2010. Brian also has an extensive disaster management portfolio, working with the ASEAN Regional Forum and United Nations developing operating procedures for Humanitarian Response and Assistance, through to coordinating Defence responses to storms, fires and floods. Brian joined EMQ in 2011 as the Director Disaster Management and continues to contribute as a senior QFES officer. Want to understand Leadership in those grey areas a bit better? Then listen to this Podcast.

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