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Leadership Habits - Stuart Ellis AM ‘Influence Me’ Leadership Podcast 17

November 1, 2020

Stuart Ellis AM is an experienced leader in the emergency management sector and was appointed Chief Executive Officer of AFAC in 2012. Stuart is focussed on national initiatives that progress the effectiveness and professional standing of fire and emergency services and has a focus on progressing an industry wide, integrated approach to emergency management. Previously, Stuart Ellis was the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Officer of the South Australian Country Fire Service. In 2002 he established a consultancy company and has been involved in over 20 operational reviews including the Canberra Bushfires, the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission and the operational response to the Christchurch Earthquake. Prior to that Stuart was an Army Officer for over 22 years serving with the Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment. Stuart’s view is that simple leadership habits form the foundation of a successful and resilient leadership, and during this podcast we explore what has worked for him over many years, and why?

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