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‘Influence Me’ Leadership Podcast 10 - Kate Eggar - Collaborative Leadership, its Power, its Benefits.

June 13, 2020

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services keeps Kate busy with the corporate relationships that build community and strengthen the organisation, especially supporting the volunteer services of Rural Fire Service and the State Emergency Service.  Sponsorship is too common a word for what happens with that.  Outside of that ‘work’, one of Kate’s goals is to build better humans and Kate uses Taekwondo to do that.  She has a solid perspective on people that has stemmed for a generation involved in that combat sport, at all levels.  She’s also spent many years on many committees and boards in sport, events and clubs including leadership roles at the national level.  With passions for volunteering, inclusion and sport, and, as a wife, mother of adult sons and cancer survivor, her busy life still finds time for hobbies of embroidery and medieval history in what can only be described as a ‘hyperactive’ lifestyle.

Kate’s personal core values are INTEGRITY - RESPECT - COURAGE – SERVICE. It’s a pleasure to have Kate as my Podcast 10 Guest.

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