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”From Little Things, Big Things Grow” Robert Webber - ‘Influence Me’ - Leadership Podcast - Season 2 - Episode 2

April 2, 2022

As it is said, from little things big things grow. Robert’s initial experience with the fire services was as an untrained and ineffectual volunteer firefighter with the CFA in the early 1980’s. In 1983 he fled the Ash Wednesday fires with his wife and month old daughter, and shortly thereafter while he worked in TAFE, and before the era of Certificates, he conducted many Train-the-Trainer programs for the CFA trainers at Fiskville. Robert went on to work with the Fiskville trainers to develop training packages to improve the skills of the CFA volunteers. In the mid-90’s he escaped Ballarat’s miserable winters and moved to Maleny. Around that time a major review of Queensland’s fire services lead to a major restructure. 81 fire boards in local government were replaced by a single fire service and this is was the early genesis of the current QFES. Robert worked within the new organisation with its exceptional people for many years to develop the capability of the new teams. He went on to do similar work with QAS and other agencies within the Emergency Services. Robert has also worked on major and minor organisational development projects in other sectors and across the globe. He is currently retired but always happy to support people doing good work with good people.

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