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‘Frank and Fearless’ Leadership - Bruce Byatt ‘Influence Me’ Leadership Podcast 23

May 30, 2021

“Be honest, frank and fearless and get some grasp of the real values of life… Read some good, heavy, serious books just for discipline: Take yourself in hand and master yourself.” W.E.B. Du Bois (Civil Rights Leader and Author). My guest his Podcast Bruce Byatt AFSM is a second-generation firefighter who started his fire service career with the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Service on 14th January 1977 and was promoted to station officer in 1983.  He relocated to Queensland in 1992 and worked out of Kemp Place fire station as both a Station Officer and Acting Assistant District Commander before moving into project work. In 1997 he was promoted to Area Commander (Southport) in South Eastern Region, he took on the role of Acting Director of the Queensland Combined Emergency Service Academy in 2006-2008 and oversaw the completion of the $20m scenario/streetscape development project at Whyte Island.  Bruce was promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent in 2009 and served as the Director Regional Operations – Brisbane Region. In 2013 relocated to the Northern Territory and served as Assistant Chief Fire Officer and Deputy Chief Fire Officer, in 2015 moved to Victoria as a Deputy Chief Officer within the CFA managing readiness and response and is currently serving as Tasmania Fire Service Deputy Chief Officer culminating in over 43 years’ experience across 5 jurisdictions. He is now looking to transform the Tasmania Fire Service with a focus on leadership development and creating a service delivery model based on the principles of functional management better reflecting a contemporary emergency service provider. In this Podcast we talk about ‘Frank and Fearless’ Leadership.

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